2006 – 2007 – PORT-ER is founded


PORT-ER IS FOUNDED: PORT-ER was formed in 2006 in response to the world need for improving the standards of care for people who require the use of artificial limbs or splints – both in the UK and internationally. Some 25.5 million people in the world are estimated to need prosthetic limbs or orthotic devices. The launch of PORT-ER saw the creation of a unique funding source that was conceived by a group of friends aware of the tremendous need for improved provision of prostheses and orthoses both at home and abroad. Key milestones in the first year included:

  • the establishment of PORT-ER
  • the identification of our patron, Michael Caines
  • our inaugural Ball in Devon
  • a fundraising launch event dinner in Glasgow

PORT-ER International grant: our first funding grant was made to support a training course for Pakistani prosthetics lecturers to learn more about prosthetic legs. The course had to be postponed because of bombings in the Pakistan region and eventually was provided in 2008 in Glasgow. The earthquake in Pakistan saw thousands of people injured and disabled as a result of traumatic injuries. News headlines quickly moved away from this natural disaster, however the victims of the earthquake continue to have limited access to rehabilitation services or highly trained allied health professionals.