2007-2008 PORT-ER Grants and PORT-ER Running Master Classes


PORT-ER UK grant: £500 was awarded to Moving Forward, a Prosthetics User Group at the Disablement Services Centre, St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth. The aim of the project is to create an information centre /point in the reception area of the Disablement Services Centre (DSC) that is highly visible and accessible to all users of the DSC and which can provide information to prosthetic limb users.

PORT-ER International grant: £400 was Specialist Physiotherapist, Penny Broomhead (right) received £400 towards a training visit to an Ethiopian prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation centre at the request of Jimma University Hospital, Ethiopia. Penny went with a team from Nottingham who have supported the hospital for some years. Penny taught the Jimma prosthetic rehabilitation team techniques to help people with limb amputations to get as mobile as possible.

PORT-ER granted international flight costs from England for two marathon runners who use prosthetic legs, namely Richard Whitehead who ran the Berlin marathon and Colin Edwards (left) who ran the New York marathon. Colin kindly supported PORT-ER in return and raisedfunds through sponsorship.

PORT-ER Running master classes: we were able to deliver two events in Glasgow (9th June 2007) and Loughborough (29th September 2007). This project brought together prosthetic leg users with sports and rehabilitation specialists (for example, experienced runner Wallace Currie (right) who assisted at the running master classes) to try out fitness techniques and gain confidence in running in two fabulous sporting venues.

The Glasgow event was a collaborative effort with the Murray foundation and was held at Murray Park training ground. We hired the High Performance Athletics Centre in Loughborough for the second master class.

Feedback from the events was very positive and included the following comment:

“It was most certainly one of the best days I’ve had since my new life started and it has returned a bit of myself respect and confidence. I took my eleven year old son to his footy match on Sunday where we had running races to help him cool down afterwards. There aren’t words to describe how I felt, mind you my son just said “not bad for an old man” “