STRATEGIC INPUT: PORT-ER provided strategic input and administrative support under the funding sporting prosthetics for everyday and elite athletes with a disability (SPEEAD) initiative. The SPEEAD was made possible by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the University of Strathclyde’s collaborative training account and PORT-ER’s involvement was funded at £9506 over 2008/9 and 2009/1. The initiative involved a number of partner organisations.

Colin Edwards, trustee, formally represented PORT-ER on the steering group for the SPEEAD sporting prosthetics project and also contributed to two master classes and a national conference as an expert user and long distance runner. The remaining trustees all supported the SPEEAD work through registering master class participants, answering queries and promoting the events.

Two SPEEAD Master Classes took place in Glasgow and Loughborough in June 2010. These SPEEAD Master classes brought together over 100 people across two professional sporting venues in Glasgow and Loughborough to try out different sports. A large supportive team of Master class tutors comprised athletes and rehabilitation professionals. Feedback from the events was very positive with many people trying out sports for the first time.

A SPEEAD Scientific Conference with places for over 100 delegates took place at the national sports venue Hampden in Glasgow in September 2010 with national and international experts on prosthetic use, sports and rehabilitation providing a wealth of information to registrants.

SPEEAD administration: PORT-ER was funded to promote the events and also to support registrations. PORT-ER also provided steering group input. A number of people helped PORT-ER deliver this activity, including a group of prosthetist/orthotist students who completed a national mailing of 5000 flyers with a trustee. PORT-ER donated £200 for the students help which was used to help fund a field trip.