AWARD TO PORT-ER: £9,999 was received following an application from PORT-ER to the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund at the end of the previous year for our Raising The Bar project. The project was needed predominantly to help PORT-ER develop a stronger needs-based approach to our work to prioritise our associated activities for persons with disabilities in the UK. The project also delivered improved promotional material about our activities, including this website. We had very limited ability to fund this work independently and this funding award enabled us to progress our work.

We were interested in finding out about development needs for the field of prosthetics and orthotics and so we designed an online market research survey questionnaire. The survey was intended for anyone with an interest in prosthetics and orthotics whether a client using a prosthetic limb, orthotic brace or prescribed footwear, a rehabilitation professional, a disability sports professional or acquaintance. The results of the survey can be seen by clicking on this link. The survey helped us to inform our activities.

PORT-ER International Grant: £1,250 was awarded to the charity 500 miles. The project will support Patrick Govati, from the Prosthetic and Orthotic Centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi to attend training in Orthotics manufacture run by ICRC’s special Fund For the Disabled. We have an update that the course has been postponed as the training facilities are under redevelopment, but we hope to hear that it is underway soon. Mr Govati is Malawian and has worked in the field of prosthetics and orthotics for over 18 years. He is Dedicating his life to helping those with disabilities and is directly responsible for treating over 250 patients every year who will benefit from his increased knowledge and skills.

AMPUTEE RUNNING EVENT: May 2012. Practical training for Prosthetists and Physiotherapists. PORT-ER held an event in Exeter for Prosthetists to learn how to align a prosthesis for running (in the morning) and Physiotherapists to learn how to teach running to prosthetic users (in the afternoon). Each profession was welcome to attend the other’s session. The day was practical and the Keynote speakers were Penny Broomhead, MCSP who is a PORT-ER Trustee and Ollie Smith BSc, MBAPO from Ossur.  Feedback from the event included “Great to see how quickly and simply amputees were encouraged to run”. LINK to programme. LINK to practical tips for Sport and High Activity.