Advertising research studies and development activity

PORT-ER procedure for advertising research studies and development activity.

Please get in touch with us to recruit participants for research studies or development activity. This service is supported without charge.

Download our Standard letter for information for University Ethics Committees.docx

Our procedure
PORT-ER creates a web page post of your advert with a URL dedicated to your study. We will also include your advert in our Research and Development web page Once we have created your web page post we circulate it to our subscribed email list and share it on social media, tagging relevant groups.

Notes for researchers
When you email us your request, you must have University Ethics Committee approval in place (or other relevant ethical approval) and send us a copy of the approval letter.

Please draft an easily understood recruitment advert stating:
·         title of research study
·         short description about the study
·         your contact details
·         state your final recruitment deadline.
·         you may wish to send us a pdf file with your Participant Information Sheet so we can upload this to our website and include it as a link in our web page post.

Please see for examples of previous research recruitment advertisements.

When you are ready please send your advert to Mrs Sandra Sexton, Chair of Trustees at

PORT-ER is the charity where mobility matters. Our vision is to bring about better patient care for people with mobility challenges through national and international development.

Our full name is Prosthetics, Orthotics and Rehabilitation Technology – Education and Research (PORT-ER). We are a small UK based charity and we raise funds to be able to award small grants depending on our resources in an annual grant round to groups or individuals who need funding for project activities that align with our aims.
Our aims are:
to encourage safe standards of prosthetic and orthotic care to internationally recognised standards;
to support the advancement of knowledge in prosthetics and orthotics by sharing information;
to support innovation in prosthetics and orthotics .
to provide funding to communities of patients/users to enhance patient/user education.

Please note that PORT-ER is entirely run by volunteers and we will do our best to share your advert within one week receiving it, depending on the availability of our volunteer website support.