Grants for user engagement and participation in prosthetics and orthotics developments

PORT-ER grants

2018 Grant Theme: User engagement and participation in prosthetics and orthotics developments.

Closing Deadline on or before 5pm GMT Sunday 4 March 2018.

Professionals and organisations: Our 2018 grant round is about encouraging professionals, services and designers to include prosthetics and orthotics service users in planning, improving or evaluation of developments (services, activities, support, advocacy or products).

Users: Our 2018 grants will also support prosthetic or orthotic user group meetings or social activities. Or perhaps a special meeting is called by an organisation locally, but you are an individual user having to fund your own engagement in that meeting. We would like to help you with that.

We are offering “mustard seed” micro grants ranging from £25 to £250. We hope that this will help to encourage small ideas and actions to grow – or simply help users to contribute to bigger projects. Sometimes development is hard to achieve without small costs for local travel or coffee being covered.

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