Research study about myoelectric prosthetic arms

Do you have a myoelectric prosthesis? How easy do you find it to use?

We are looking for adult trans-radial users with a range of experiences to undertake a research study “Understanding the impact of skill, unpredictability and delays on the control of myoelectric prostheses”. This study aims to establish why some people find these devices difficult to control.

What you would be asked to do

PART 1: A series of simple tasks using your myoelectric prosthesis. Time commitment = 1 x 3-4 hour session. Location: University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Alternative locations in England include: Salford, Manchester, Roehampton, Sheffield or Nottingham. Please contact the researcher for details.

PART 2: Assessment of everyday prosthesis use. Time commitment = 1 week. Location anywhere in the UK. This involves wearing two wristwatch sized sensors during normal daily activity.

for more information about this study please contact Alix Chadwell or Supervisor

The University of Salford, Manchester

Study recruitment to 5 October 2017

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