Request for participation in a study about spinal cord injury

The Spinal Cord Injury Move More (SCIMM) study

Are you an 18-50 year-old adult with a spinal cord injury T6 to S5?
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in people with spinal cord injury. The Spinal Cord Injury Move More Study is investigating whether breaking up periods of inactivity with very short bursts of exercise over the day helps to reduce risk markers for heart disease.
This study is being run by the University of Bedfordshire. You will be asked to visit the Universities Bedford campus on 4 occasions with all travel expenses paid and you will receive a total of £75 if you finish the study. You will receive feedback on an assessment of your health and a report of the study findings. Please click this link to see the Information Sheet for Participants Spinal Cord Injury.

Study recruitment to October 2018

To express your interest in this study please contact Tom Withers at