Welcome to PORT-ER

PORT-ER is the charity where mobility matters. Our vision is to bring about better patient care for people with mobility challenges through national and international development. We are a small UK based charity and we raise funds to be able to award small grants depending on our resources in an annual grant round to groups or individuals who need funding for project activities that align with our aims.

Our aims are:

  • to encourage safe standards of prosthetic and orthotic care to internationally recognised standards;
  • to support the advancement of knowledge in prosthetics and orthotics by sharing information;
  • to support innovation in prosthetics and orthotics .
  • to provide funding to communities of patients/users to enhance patient/user education.


Since 2006 our work in the UK and internationally has been varied as shown in our projects page.

Mobility Matters

Mobility is a human right. Prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces are assistive technologies which enable people with physical disabilities to be more mobile. In turn, mobility can help those with limb amputations or dysfunctional limbs to access education, work, activities of daily living, and a social life (including sport).

The mobility needs of people in the UK and the mobility needs of people in developing countries are equally important. We believe that people with physical disabilities have the right to achieve all they can be in the context of their own environment. We provide grant funding so that we can respond to the needs expressed to us via grant applications from prosthetic or orthotic users, other charities or rehabilitation professionals, rather than all our activity being only trustee driven.

We cannot do this without your support and hope you will hold a small fundraising event or make a donation.

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